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Many of RIC's actions in the early decades were carried by Rainforest Action Groups (RAGs) all over the country.

The original Melbourne RAG was hugely active and successful between 1985-1992. Most significantly, they campaigned against the importation of tropical rainforest hardwoods from Malaysia, managing to reduce this by 80% (hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of timber).

For some great visuals of this campaign, which attracted worldwide media attention, check out MRAG's video on YouTube!

In 2018, MRAG underwent a renaissance, with old activists and fresh volunteers coming on board after a couple of kick ass fundraisers for Ecuador's rainforests.

Auspiced by and working alongside RIC, the new look MRAG has taken on the main part of driving the Ecuador Endangered Campaign and has achieved an impressive amount of work over the past year! 

This includes:

  • Pulling off direct actions in Melbourne in 2018 and 2019: at BHP's head office and IMARC (International Mining and Resources Conference) at the Crown, along with LASNET (Latin American Solidarity Network).
  • Creating interactive and up-to-date maps of all the Australian mining concessions in Ecuador, including Google Earth overlays with indigenous territories and protected forest areas. 
  • Creating sixteen long and summary reports about each of the five major Australian mining companies who have concessions in Ecuador. These have been translated into Spanish and are being distributed far and wide by local environmental and human rights organisations as we speak. All PDFs can be found on MRAG's website (see for example, summary of BHP in Ecuador).
  • Allocating thousands of dollars from the Ecuador Endangered crowdfund to frontline organisations in Ecuador and towards building the campaign in Australia. Latest donations have gone to grassroots organisations DECOIN, OMASNE and Caminantes for resource development, community mobilisation and campaign-building in Ecuador.
  • Joining the global alliance Yes to Life, No to Mining

Check out MRAG's website for more details, newsletters, reports and maps!

Updates will also appear on this page as the plot thickens with ongoing threats to Ecuador's forests and indigenous and rural people


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