Deep ecology proposes that underlying all of the symptoms of the environmental crisis is the illusion of separation between humans and the rest of the natural world.

Arne Naess, professor of philosophy at Oslo University who coined the term “deep ecology”, called for “community therapies” to move us from merely ecological ideas to “ecological identity".

The experiential deep ecology processes created  by Joanna, Macy, John Seed and others are such community therapies,  synchronous with the ceremonies and rituals used by all indigenous societies to honour “all our relations” and allow us to experience a profound felt sense of connection to  the living Earth.

The work is based on the principle that we will not solve the systemic environmental crises of our time unless we heal ourselves from the myth of separation from nature and reconnect at a visceral level to the web of life. 

In 2023 we are continuing to direct proceeds from Deep Ecology and Work that Reconnects workshops towards campaigns and forest frontlines in Ecuador, New South Wales and Tasmania.

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EVENTS with JOHN SEED - 2023

Also visit this page for all past and future events facilitated by John Seed

JAN 13-15 DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed, Central Coast NSW with Anna Greer & Karin Raven Steininger

FEB 3-5 DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed in Melbourne with Rahme Etai & Tanya Hawkes

FEB 10-12 DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed, Bruny Island, Tasmania with Liz Downes

FEB 17-19 DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed,  Bruny Island, Tasmania with Liz Downes & Ronny Hickel

MAR 11-12 "Deep Ecology Nature Meditation Weekend”  Suzie Brown & John Seed, Narara Ecovillage, Central Coast NSW

MAR 17-19 DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed, Canberra with Genna Ward & Patrick Anderson

APRIL 14-16  DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed & friends, Kyogle

MAY 19-21 DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed, Crystal Waters, Sunshine Coast Qld. with Robin Clayfield & Carl Broman

MAY 26-28 DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed in Melbourne with Katrina Roburg and Michael Norton

JUNE 9-11  DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed, Darwin with Shar Molloy

JULY 14-16 DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed & friends, Kyogle

AUG 18-20 DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed & friends, Narara Ecovillage, Central Coast

SEPT 1-3 DEEP ECOLOGY with John Seed & friends, Melbourne


Photo taken at Deep Ecology Immersion facilitated by Skye, Miraz and John Seed near Melbourne, 2021.

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Picture taken at Deep Ecology Immersion facilitated by Skye, Miraz and John Seed near Melbourne, April 2022


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