What you can do

The Rainforest Information Centre came to being in the forests of north-east NSW.

Our work here isn't over. The forests are being pushed towards ecosystem collapse, and the animals and plants towards extinction.

What you can do:

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  • Find out where the logging is happening nearest to you and go and check it out. Look at the Forestry Corporation website and zoom in to your locality.f you want to do some citizen science before an area is logged, learn how to use some basic mapping tools on your phone.
  • Become a citizen scientist. If logging has started, even the untrained eye can find breaches. Most loggers are careless and think no-one is watching. The Breach Watch website has some resources showing you how to go about reporting breaches to the EPA.
  • Share photos of interesting trees. Let's get #treestories trending.
  • Get involved with others in your area to do all of the above. There are 'Fridays4Forests' groups springing up around the region. You can find out about Fridays4Forests here or on Facebook
  • Get active on social media. Follow groups active on this issue, use the hashtags, share posts, create new content.
  • Organise a meeting/ gathering with friends, colleagues, community and ask a guest speaker who can provide current information about forests in your area.
  • Put a sticker on your car or bike or letterbox. Start a conversation.
  • Write to the NSW Premier and the NSW Leader of the Opposition Labor Party and ask them what they are doing to protect our forests and the wildlife that live within.
  • Buy some merchandise or make a donation to us or a conservation group working on the issue. (At RIC we are all volunteers, so all your money goes to the front line!)
  • Contact us- we can help with any of the above. Send us a message and we'll get back to you within a day or so.

Whether from home or in the forest, city or rural, there are actions we can all take towards ending the destruction of our precious forests.

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