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Save Ecuadors Rainforests From Mining

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The Rainforest Information Centre is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of the Earth's remaining rainforests in partnership with the indigenous people and local communities who depend on them.

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Since 2017 RIC has been supporting rural and indigenous people in Ecuador to resist a swathe of new mega-mining projects in the world's most biodiverse tropical rainforests.

Right now we are funnelling funds towards legal costs for an exciting Constitutional Court case to protect the threatened Los Cedros Reserve, one of the world's most biodiverse forests. For more information and latest updates, visit our campaign page 

In this 5-minute video John Seed, founder of the Rainforest Information Centre, explains what is special about Los Cedros and why we are fighting to protect it.

To help save Los Cedros, donate to our Ecuador Endangered Crowdfund 



India has lost over 40% of its remaining diverse forest cover in the last 100 years. In 2009, India ranked 10th worldwide in the amount of annual forest loss. Indian forest loss has been driven primarily by agriculture, commercial logging, and mining. Indigenous and subsistence communities who were traditionally dependent on forests for food and firewood are increasingly struggling to survive.

The Rainforest Information Centre has worked with local partners in India for over 3 decades to empower local communities through work in reforestation, nursery cultivation, food harvesting and preservation of tradition plant medicine knowledge.

RIC currently supports four projects addressing ecological, economic and social goals. The two focus projects are the moment are ...

Katkari Native Nursery, Maharashta

The Adivasi Native Forest Nursery provides support to one of India's poorest indigenous communities, the Katkari people. In May 2020 the Nursery received a number of huge shocks, including Covid-19 lockdown, a hurricane and a wildfire. Thousands of native tree seedlings were destroyed and the nursery was forced to shut down. 

We are raising urgent funds to kickstart the rebuilding of the nursery and of the livelihoods it supports.

Please help us reach our $5000 goal! DONATE HERE

Restoring Arunachala

In 1988 the Rainforest Information Centre was invited to support the restoration of the forest on the sacred mountain Arunachala and a local movement began to support the ambitious task. The Rainforest Information Centre has provided funding for the past 25 years to plant and nurture trees from a selection of more than 70 indigenous species. Visit this page for more information and to support this project!



RIC is working with local environmental groups and communities in Northern NSW to continue to resist the deplorable logging of old-growth forests and some of the last remaining habitats for endangered species such as Koalas.

Our NSW campaign updates page is here

To help stop logging in these precious areas donate here!

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