Ecuador Endangered

ECUADOR ENDANGERED is the name of one of RIC’s main campaigns – to rescind nearly 2 million Has of mining concessions secretly handed out on protected forests and indigenous territories in Ecuador covering some of the most  biodiverse landscapes on Earth.

AUGUST 5 2018 This could be the game-changer we’ve been waiting for. A court in the Azuay Province of Ecuador has rejected the Government’s appeal and the Chinese-owned Rio Blanco gold mine has been stopped! See the excellent article about this issue  written last week before this historic decision.

JULY 16 2018 - Important article on the economic damage caused by the mining industry, written by Alberto Acosta Ecuadorian economist  former Minister of Energy and Mines. Former president of the Constituent Assembly. Former candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador. ENGLISH.....  ESPAÑOL.

JULY 11 2018 We’re starting to bear down on the Aussie mining companies who have the lions share of the 2 million Ha of concessions we’re contesting in Ecuador. The newly reborn Melbourne Rainforest Action Group (MRAG) is doing fantastic work and  along with the Australian Student Environment Network, and Friends of the Earth, we paid BHP a little visit.   Photos

The campaign  website
John Seed’s March 2018 article summarising the campaign
Jefferson Mecham’s comprehensive paper “Ecuador Endangered by Extreme Extractivism
Our petition – please sign!
Crowdfund – please donate!
youtube channel – clips in English and Spanish
social media links
Vandegrift et al (2017): The extent of recent mining concessions in Ecuador (pdf, english) (pdf, spanish)\
Environmental Impact Study from early mining efforts in Junin (1996) (pdf)
Summary of tax and legal deregulations for mining made during Correa administration (Carlos Zorrilla, 2017) (pdf)
New mining concessions will severely decrease biodiversity and ecosystem services in Ecuador (Bitty Roy et al 2018)

Our involvement with this campaign stemmed from our efforts to protect the Los Cedros Biological Reserve, one of some 40 Bosques Protectores threatened by new mining concessions.

Here is our most recent update to Los Cedros supporters
Letter from world scientists attesting to the biological value of Los Cedros
Los Cedros species lists from Bitty Roy, professor of Ecology, University of Oregon
List of Publications from research at Los Cedros

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