Calls to Douglas Shire Council

1) [A] Strengthen by developing specific by-laws to apply to all dogs residing or visiting critical cassowary habitat north of the Daintree River by;

  • Applying the current 1 dog per property regulation to all areas north of the Daintree River (south of the Alexandra Range as well as the Conservation Planning Area)
  • Compulsory registration and micro-chipping for all dogs (including working dogs)
  • Compulsory de-sexing of all dogs residing in the Daintree to prevent prohibited backyard breeding and further hybridization with wild dogs.
  • Providing level 3 obedience dog training for Daintree dogs
  • Enforcing enclosure requirements within property perimeters for existing dogs and ensuring enclosures for new dogs pre-exist before registration is permitted
  • Designate further dog-free zones and public place prohibition in known high cassowary use areas (ie; Dubuji and Kulki Beach areas)
  • Designate off-leash dog areas (all other areas being dogs on-leash areas).
  • Liaise with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Daintree for advice re; dog-free zones, off-leash areas and areas requiring increased policing for unrestrained dogs.

[B] Increase awareness of dog owner responsibilities in line with the objectives of the Nature Conservation Act 1992, by;

  • Implementing an awareness campaign of the threats domestic dogs and cats pose to cassowaries and other wildlife
  • Implement an awareness campaign for dog owner responsibility under current and proposed future local and state laws
  • Implement an awareness campaign for Daintree residents and visitors to report pig dogging, unrestrained domestic dogs, restricted breed, dangerous or menacing dogs in the Daintree
  • Incorporate the proposed Daintree dog by-laws into the DSC landowners information kit for current and potential future dog owners
  • Ensure the wording of dog registration forms are accurate and specific to the Daintree coast

[C]Enforcing existing state and local dog laws (Animal Management Act 2008 and local DSC law) by;

  • Undertaking a biennial approved inspection program for dog numbers per property, registration, micro-chipping, restricted breeds and enclosures
  • Increasing policing for dog law compliance north of the Daintree river
  • Liaise with QPWS Rangers to target identified problem areas
  • Promote public reporting procedures for un-restrained and hunting dogs

    [D] Increasing penalties and consequent actions in the Daintree by;

  • Increasing penalties to pay for increased enforcement [Note that the AM Act provides for maximum penalties of $2356, but DSC is publicly stating fines of $235.60]
  • Imposing the maximum the penalty for registered/micro-chipped dogs found outside of the owners control or in the wild. Penalty increases for on-going offences
  • Impounding with maximum penalties (claimed dogs) or euthanasia (unclaimed dogs) for unregistered/un-micro-chipped dogs and cats found outside of the owners control or in the wild

2)  [E] Declared dogs are regulated and include those declared by local government as;

  • Dangerous dogs whereby a declaration has been made if it has seriously attacked or acted in a way that caused fear to a person or another animal
  • Menacing dogs- whereby a declaration has been made if it has attacked or acted in a way that caused fear to a person or another animal except the attack was not serious
  • Restricted breed dogs that are prohibited from being imported into Australia (Customs Act, 1901)

       [F] Known hunting or sporting breeds of dogs which include, but not exclusive to;

  • Bull Arab, Great Dane, Wolfhound, Cougar, Boxer, Bullhound, Bullmastiff, Bloodhound, American Bulldog, Blue Lacy, Pit Bull, Catahoula cur, Blackmouth Cur, Mountain Cur, Florida Cur, Jagdterrier, Redbone hound, Walker hound, Plott hound, Dogo Argentino, Rhodesian Ridgeback.

      [G] Phase out large body sized dogs by;

  • Using the registration and inspection programs to prohibit further dogs of large body size (over 7kg) from residing in or visiting the Daintree
  • Implementing a grandfather clause for existing large body sized dogs currently residing in the Daintree whereby they are exempt until they decease but not be replaced with a dog of large body size

3) [H] Develop a local law prohibiting pig hunting with dogs in the Daintree Coast with;

  • An awareness and education campaign for pig hunters
  • Substantial penalties for breach of this law which raises revenue for increased enforcement and policing.
  • Increased enforcement and restricted access to obvious pig-hunters at the Daintree river ferry
  • Increased DSC enforcement patrols in conjunction with QPWS north of the Daintree river

4) [I]  Implement long-term strategies for 'dog free' conservation zone precincts in the Daintree with a grandfather clause for exiting dogs.

  • Identify applicable conservation zone precincts for dog exclusion in the new DSC Planning Scheme for the Daintree Lowlands.
  • Implement a new local law that prohibits any new dogs from residing or visiting these identified conservation precincts.
  • Dogs currently residing in these precincts are exempt from this new law by way of a grandfather clause.
  • Once deceased, dogs currently residing in these precincts will not be replaced by a new dog.


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