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Ecuador has the highest biodiversity per square kilometre of any nation.

From the cloud forests in the Andes to the indigenous territories in the headwaters of the Amazon, the Ecuadorian government has quietly granted mining concessions to over 1.7 million hectares (4.25 million acres) of forest reserves and indigenous territories

This is in direct violation of Ecuadorian law and international treaties; and will decimate headwater ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots of global significance.

The first country in the world to get the rights of Nature or Pachamama written into its constitution is at threat again.

The indigenous peoples have been fighting against mining inside Ecuador for over a decade. Governments have persecuted more than 200 indigenous activists who openly speak out against the destruction of their territories.

Fortunately, the new government has signalled an openness to hear indigenous and civil society´s concerns.

We will need a huge international outcry to rescind the existing concessions - many billions of dollars of mining company profits versus some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth, and the hundreds of local communities and indigenous peoples who depend on them.

You are not powerless to help stop this madness.

You can sign the petition and contribute to the Crowdfund which will help Ecuadorean civil society’s campaign to have these concessions rescinded.

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