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Here’s news from the Rainforest Information Centre with the latest from the threatened forests of Ecuador followed by the launch of our new campaign “Northern New South Wales Forests: Too Precious to Plunder”.

ECUADOR: The  campaign to stop mining in water sources, protected areas and indigenous territories has moved forward powerfully in the last few  months. We are presently launching a powerful 2-minute video clip. Please share it widely. Here is the English translation of our Spanish language video clip which has already been viewed 21,000 times and here are our social media links.

We have a new bilingual campaign website.

RIC is proud to have published a comprehensive  report  by Bitty Roy (professor of Ecology from Oregon State University)  and colleagues on the extent of the recent mining concessions . They followed this with another report on  how this  will severely decrease biodiversity and ecosystem services in Ecuador.   MORE …

NORTHERN NSW FORESTS: TOO PRECIOUS TO PLUNDER: RIC is launching a  campaign and crowdfund for another Global Biodiversity Hotspot that is in trouble, this time much closer to home. The forests of Northern NSW is where we began, and they are facing a cascade of multiple threats.

Governments both State and Federal, want to wind back environmental protections for headwater streams and threatened species including the Koala. They want to lock in intensive industrial logging with 20 year wood contracts and use much of the wood in dirty, polluting, wood-fired (biomass) power stations. They've also taken away the rights of citizens and NGOs to take legal action where breaches of the law are identified.

This campaign is starting in our backyard, but has global implications. Forests all around the world are being cut to be used as feedstock in power stations as a replacement for coal. It's still dirty smokestacks spewing out greenhouse gases and enormous damage is being done to forests and waters and all that rely on them.

We'll be working with other groups across the region and around the country, and using funds raised to spread the word about these threats and organise against them.

Visit our crowdfunding page for more information and to make a donation. Australian donations are tax deductible. Please sign our Open letter to the political leaders of Australia and NSW and share our Facebook page.

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