Dog Attacks on Humans

Cairns Regional Council recorded 171 dog attacks on humans1 between Jan and October 2015 whilst Logan City Council recorded 636 dog attacks involving a bite between July 2014 and June 20151. Across Queensland, 6330 dog attack injuries were recorded in certain hospital emergency departments between 1999 and 2010 3 but this is estimated to be only a fifth of the cases presented across the whole state equating to over 31,000 dog attacks in those 11 years. Around 35% of these attacks were on children with 733 of these being facial bites requiring cosmetic surgery4.

1 Cairns Post newspaper, cover story, October 8th, 2015.
3(Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit
4 Queenland Government, Management of dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs in Queensland, discussion paper. Department of Local Government and Planning, 2012.


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