CEDHU 4-18

CEDHU, the peak human rights organisation in Ecuador,  formally asked for the list of the 2000 concessions in early February, but the government has not responded, even though the legal time period for them to respond (15 working days) ended on the 28th of February. We  think the next step is for them to ask the Public Defender to pressure the government.

It must however be true that either  1. mining companies in Ecuador lost 2000 mining concessions due to community resistance and public pressure (shareholders please take note) or 2.

the Ecuadorean government lied about the annulment in order to appease and mislead  indigenous protestors.

Meanwhile, it is not possible to know which of the million Ha of indigenous lands that were conceded to mining in the last couple of years remain under threat. Until the government  provides  the exact data on who, where, how much area, etc. we should assume this is a promise not fulfilled.

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