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  • commented 2016-10-09 15:28:22 +1100
    I am a Daintree resident, I am not a dog owner or dog lover and I get very annoyed at dog owners who let their dogs wander unsupervised, defecate everywhere and not clear it up and assume that everyone else loves their dog as much as they do. However, I am disgusted with this petition and urge everyone NOT to support it.

    Firstly, restricting the size and breeds of dogs ignores the critical role that responsible ownership plays in protecting wildlife. Encouraging and enforcing responsible pet ownership should be the foundation of any measures to protect wildlife in the Daintree and the rest of Australia NOT denying pet ownership to a section of Australian citizens because a few of them are irresponsible.

    You should be petitioning for current by-laws with regards to domestic animals being enforced as opposed to trying to impose yet more sanctions that will fail to be enforced on a section of the Australian population that happen to live in the Daintree. There are many responsible dog owners in the Daintree who register there dogs, keep them in a enclosed area and supervise them when outside this area as per the local by-laws and conditions of dog ownership. Unfortunately, there are also irresponsible dog owners that reside in the Daintree, as there are in the rest of Australia, which also has wildlife that should be protected. The introduction of laws like the ones you have proposed will only affect the responsible pet owners who actually do follow the rules and won’t have any impact on the problem dogs as it’s not the dogs but the irresponsible owners. Bylaws need to be enforced and irresponsible dog ownership addressed.
    How dare you think it’s fair to try and impose such restrictive sanctions on Australian citizens who own property in the Daintree when you wouldn’t be prepared to have them imposed on you or the area where you live….despite the fact that your area has wildlife that are in danger from irresponsible owners and their wandering dogs.

    What really needs to happen is that councils everywhere enforce the bylaws with regards to domestic animals and ensure dog/cat owners know the rules, have the appropriate enclosures and impose sanctions, including removing the dog for repeat offenders, on those owners that fail to be responsible.

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